Mr. and Mrs. Smedley share selling 2 Of Their Properties

Using a baseball analogy I am batting 2 for 2 by working with Marie Goodloe who sell’s real estate in Los Angeles. Ms. Goodloe has a very keen sense of real estate values throughout the Los Angeles metro area. Her knowledge, experience and tenacious personality closed two deals for me during periods when real estate values in my neighborhood were depressed due to lack of adequate comparable’s. For both of my real estate deals, I was breaking new ground by setting property values to higher levels which had not been experienced over the preceding twelve months. Not to be deterred Ms. Goodloe fought hard with buyer Agents and through exhaustive negotiations closed my deals to my complete satisfaction. I was able to make good money and set the bar higher for real estate values in my former neighborhoods.
So the next time I go to bat selling real estate in Los Angeles, guess who I am calling? Batting 1.000 ain’t to shabby.

— Derrick & Yvonne